White Flyer – Midi

Midi targets for Sporting Clays

Discipline: Sporting

Diameter: 90 mm

Packing: 144 per box, 84 boxes per pallet

Available in:

  • Black Top Midi (Code: WFBT90)
  • Orange Top Midi (Code: WFOT90)


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White Flyer’s Midi has a diameter of 90mm and is best suited in Sporting Clays. The Midi creates the perfect optical illusion whereby the shooter judges the smaller clay as being farther away and gives more lead than necessary.

The Midi is also faster than the standard target in the early part of their flight.


  • Excellent break-ability or smoking on impact
  • White Flyer performance



White Flyer

World class targets for world class shooters.

Since White Flyer’s first day of business back in 1892, the company has been dedicated to ensuring every clay target produced is the best possible. Although the clays are already known for being top of their game, White Flyer does not rest on its laurels and continues to reinvest in product development and its Quality Assurance Program.

Made in USA.


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Black, Orange

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