Yildiz SPZ ME Shotgun

The SPZ ME model has all the stand-out features of the SPZ – reliability, solid performance, good looks, great price, – and manual ejectors (ME).

Available in 12ga, 20ga, .410ga, 28ga

12ga and 20ga are steel shot proof

3” Chamber


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The SPZ ME model has all the stand-out features of the SPZ, and manual ejectors.

Just like the SPZ, this is a shotgun that you can rely on to perform time and time again. Its stock and engraving are pleasing to the eye – as is its price tag.

The SPZ ME has an alloy receiver with steel inserts and hinge pins on critical high-wear areas (12ga comes with steel action.) This makes for a slightly lighter shotgun that is easy to handle and perfect for long sessions hunting duck and other game, or long days at the clay target range.

Find the Australian stockist closest to you or contact us direct. We are happy to ship to the shotgun to a local dealer for your collection.





  • Graded Turkish walnut stock and fore-end
  • Game scene engraving on receiver
  • 20ga, .410ga, 28ga have an alloy receiver for lighter weight, and steel inserts & hinge pins for critical high wear areas
  • Ventilated mid-ribs
  • Chrome bores
  • Black chrome blueing
  • 4140 drilled steel barrels – inner diameters and linearity are controlled one-by-one to ensure best pattern performance
  • Auto safe
  • 7mm rib
  • Weight 2.3 – 2.8kgs (dependent on gauge) with 28” barrel



Gauge Chamber  Barrel Length  Action  Ejector  Choke 
12ga 3″ 28″, 30″ Steel Yes 5 Steel Shot
20ga 3″ 28″ Alloy Yes 5 Steel Shot
.410ga 3″ 28″ Alloy Yes 5 Chokes
.410ga 3″ 28″ Alloy Yes 5 Chokes
28ga 3″ 28″ Alloy Yes 5 Chokes


Yildiz Shotguns

About Yildiz

Highly regarded Turkish shotgun manufacturer, Yildiz, produce top-quality over and under & side by side shotguns for a great price. Each shotgun is finished to a very high standard with the use of Graded Turkish Walnut and beautiful engraving.

Yildiz, which is the Turkish name for star, manufacture 97% of everything in-house – from the simplest part through to the most sophisticated parts of the gun. In this way, quality control can be assured. They are based in Burdur and have been manufacturing shotguns since 1974. Today Yildiz produce nearly 50,000 shotguns per annum which are distributed to over 70 countries.



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.410ga, 12ga, 20ga, 28ga

Barrel Length

28", 30"