RE Ranger Frames

Handmade & detail driven

Every single RE Ranger frame is produced in Randolph’s Massachusetts factory. There are no compromises made in the construction of their shooting glasses. Every decision, and every single part—down to the very last screw—matter. Such is the level of care and attention, the production of a single pair of glasses takes 5 weeks. Browse RE Ranger Frames now >

RE Ranger

Superb corrosion resistance

All RE Ranger frames are built with a lightweight, high-tech alloy and soldered with a silver compound to ensure joint stability. These alloy compounds provide excellent corrosion resistance in all weather conditions.

Maximum field of view

RE Ranger frames are designed to sit higher on the face to provide shooters with a maximum field of view.

RE Ranger Fit

Attractive & protective finish

Providing more than just good looks, the frames are finished with CombatCoat™, a durable ceramic coating that aids in corrosion and chemical resistance to help prevent environmental wear.


Stay-snug screws

RE Ranger’s stainless steel screws have been specially designed to have a flared tip that prevents them from coming out, ensuring a perfect fit for years of wear.

RE Ranger Screws

Tougher joints

At Randolph, they make their own solder flux (this is the machine that solders the glasses together). This, in combination with a 56% silver filler, provides unequalled joint strength and integrity.

Increased comfort

Non-slip silicone nose pads on the frames self-adjust for fit and comfort. Offset nose pads prevent fogging. Smooth monoblock hinges mean the end of sharp corners to snag clothing.

RE Ranger Nosepads