Yildiz Pro is now available in Australia, and it’s a big deal


Prepare to have your expectations turned upside down: this O/U comes with a boss-style action, exhibition quality Turkish walnut stock, and delivers phenomenal performance.

The Yildiz Pro stands alone. No other shotgun offers this much functionality, with such high-quality components, at such a reasonable price – it is truly unbeatable.

At first sight, you can see that finishing on each Pro model is superb; every single shotgun is produced using exhibition quality Turkish walnut stock. (The images below serve as a visual testament to the level of quality.)

Once you handle a Yildiz Pro, you can expect rock-solid confirmation that this over and under is worth every cent – and then some.

The Pro is currently available in 3 models, Black, Nickel, and ‘Special’ (the engraved model).

We put the Yildiz Pro through its paces with some very accomplished shooters. Watch Dave Neilson’s thoughts on the Yildiz Pro Trap he shot –


It’s time to shake up the field with this affordable game-changer!

Read more information on the Nickel, Black, or Special Yildiz Pro here, or contact us now.